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RIPs for more than one solution from a single image to running the press
Own an older Tjet, Kiosk, Kiosk HM1, K3, Raptor, Summit, Viper, Bullet or Xpress
Upgrade to DTG PRO v06 and get One Pass capabilities, highlight white, and a better interface
Printing on colored or black garments, normally requires
two passes, first a pass for white ink, then a color ink pass.
PowerRIP cuts your print time in half by printing the white
and color inks simultaneously. PowerRIP One-Pass maintains white density and color saturation equal to two pass printing.
Two pass only does 10 shirts per hour at 1440x1440, while
One-pass produces 20 shirts per hour, doubling production.
Times for 1440x720 are 2x faster up to 40 sph
Save time with PowerRIP DTG RIPPRO One-Pass
Reduce ink cost, control density and contrast
PowerRIP RIPPRO offers ink density and contrast controls. These advanced controls adjust vignetted fade outs within the RIP, without having to return to Photoshop. The same controls can increase or reduce white and color densities. Saving ink cost while maintaining saturation.
One-Pass 3 min
Color Pass 3 min
White Pass 3 min
6 minutes
Total Time
Two Pass
3 minutes
Total Time
DTG One-Pass White supports the following DTG printer models:
DTG Kiosk and TJets (Epson 2200), DTG Kiosk HM1 (Epson R2400),
DTG Raptor and DTG K3 (Epson R1900 & R1800),
DTG Viper and Summit (4880/4800), DTG Xpress & Bullet (9800, 7800)
More Information
Download or Order
The reason to buy or rent a DTG RIP is to print with better quality or save money on white ink costs.
Users say our detail and color saturation are superior to Epson's Garment Creator, and other RIPs.
Ink savings pay for the RIP. Free 2 week demo, rent to own at $90 a year for 3 years, or purchase, only $269. 
If you own another SCF2000 RIP, using DTGRIPPRO can still save you money on white ink.
PowerRIP DTG drives Direct To Garment printers based on Epson’s Stylus Photo R3000, Epson's SureColor® P600, and P400, and printers based on Epson’s Artisan 1430, and L1800, 1500/1400/1410/1390.

Faster speeds, multiple print resolutions, and One-Pass*
Drive one, two, or three printers from a single RIP
Open images in RIP from PSDs, Tiff, bmps, jpgs, pngs
Transparency support for PSD files
Print CMYK or RGB directly from applications.
PostScript Level 3 interpreter for better vector graphics
White choke controls independent for all four sides
Superior automatic white ink mask generation tools
Interactive white masking controls density and contrast
Import/export customize white or color layers
Pre-RIP images do production runs at printer speeds
Print the brightest reds and blues in the DTG industry.
Key Features
Introductory price $595 PowerRIP DTG for R3000 or
P600 based printers (Includes One-Pass printing)
Introductory price $399 PowerRIP DTG for 1430/1500W/1400/1410/1390/L1800. (No One-Pass)
Quick Start
*PowerRIP DTG supports One-Pass on printers with 8 or
more color channels. One-Pass works best at 1440x1440.
Color & White
Color Only
25 sph
17 sph
15 sph
12 sph
9 sph

18 sph
33 sph*

50 sph
33 sph
18 sph
12 sph
8 sph
7 sph
6 sph
4 sph


25 sph
16 sph
9 sph
SPECIAL SALE Limited time
DTG RIPPRO upgrade for only $269
PowerRIP's superior ink control makes better film positives
Until you see PowerRIP ScreenPrint’s output you do not know how much better your film density can be. Density is higher, the type is sharper and the halftone dots are better defined. PowerRIP’s better ink control improves quality. Too much ink produces ink puddles, not enough ink and the film is too light and making it harder to expose a screen. When film is too light dot shapes and fine line detail are burnt away when the screen is exposed. You need the highest density possible to burn a good screen.

PowerRIP obtains the highest density possible in the industry, by using 255 different control steps for each ink channel. PowerRIP has an easy to use quick set slider for each ink channel going from 0% to 100% in precise 4 tenths of a percent (0.4%) increments. AccuRIP’s Black Pearl system only offers 15 ink levels. PowerRIP users, with 255 settings, have more control over film density.
No large density gaps with PowerRIP, just better precision. PowerRIP ScreenPrint allows 52 precise settings in the critical density range, between 80% and 100% (255 settings per ink channel). PowerRIP settings move in 4 tenths of a percent from 80% to 100%. Freedom to choose the maximum ink density you need.
These test results are based on measuring the output from the RIPs being compared, using an Epson Stylus Pro 4880 and multiple dots sizes.
These basic results will hold true for any Epson inkjet printer using 3 spot sizes, like an Epson Artisan 1430 or L1800.
More Info
AccuRIP is a trademark of Fawkes Engineering, LLC,
PowerRIP is a trademark of Digital Graphic Imaging Systems.
Old Way
$5.16 Ink Cost per shirt White $3.50/Color $1.66
New Contrast Control
$2.13 Ink Cost per shirt
White $1.50/Color $ .63
Add New Density Control
$1.59 Ink Cost per shirt
White $ .98/Color $ .61
It is not just a better price, the DTG RIPPRO for the SCF2000 produces better color.
Three different levels of color saturation are built in for color inks and applied automatically.
No need any longer to open an image in Photoshop to boost color saturation before printing.

Add a Highlight White Layer to the SCF2000
Automatically Adjust Saturation
Normal White Layer
Highlight White Layer Add 100% Density
Print Super Saturated Pure Whites
Original Image Our Normal
Our Plus Saturation up 20%
Our Extra Saturation up 40%
No need to print a complete second pass of the entire white layer to get whites to pop, just print a highlight white.
We select only the True white highlights, and with our density slider you choose just the perfect amount of extra white from 1 to 100%
Quick Start
Demo R3000
Demo P600
PowerRIP is the most productive DTG RIP in the industry. It is the number one RIP used by the largest Direct To Garment T-shirt printing firms in the world. With it you will get the best production print speeds for output on any printer.
PowerRIP DTG “production run” print times for a pre-ripped 12x18 inch image, includes shirt loading time, but not RIP processing time:
Shirt production per hour (sph) with PowerRIP DTG
The size and print specifications are the same, the job included silhouetting the image and printing on a 14 x 16 colored Tshirt. Colored Cotton always uses more white ink than black cotton. The white layer was printed at 1440 x 1440, the color layer was printed at 1440 x 720. Only the white layers are shown to highlight the obvious differences.

DTG RIPPRO offers different defaults for generating white. Epson's Garment Creator offers one white style for colored cotton. All of the RIPPRO white styles enhance detail more than Garment Creator .
White and color ink costs per colored shirt follow:
EPSON's Garment Creator ink cost $4.82
RIPPRO Style 10 Ink cost (35% less) $3.15
RIPPRO Style 11 Ink cost (30% less) $3.40
RIPPRO Style 12 Ink cost (47% less) $2.60
RIPPRO reduces ink costs and offers more control over ink usage on your printer. Garment Creator is a good product, but was not designed to reduce your ink cost by 30% to 50%. More consumables used equals more money for Epson. Once you purchase the Epson SCF2000 printer you are totally dependent on Epson inks. RIPPRO gives you a very good alternative for ink control, and has been priced so you do not have to wait a year or two to get your money back on your RIP investment. We have priced our retail price at $249, which is a wholesale price for the RIP. This price is 2X to 4Xs lower than our competitors. You are buying direct from the manufacturer. Buying a competitive RIP through a dealer will cost you from $300 to $1000 more. You can even rent our RIP by the year for $90. Saving money on white ink can pay for the entire RIP in the first month or less. All rental fees apply to the sales price, so after 3 year rentals, the RIP is yours. Another way to view this rental/purchase option is, rental allows you to buy at a zero percent interest rate, while you are saving money on ink in the mean time.
Curious try the free two week demo, we will even help you install it and get it going.
Email and request a demo code for the DTGRIPPRO SCF2000 and/or an appointment for install support if you want it.
The Original
Epson Garment Creator on Colored Cotton
 Ink Cost Color and White as reported by Epson $4.82
RIPPRO v06 Style #10 Color Cotton Normal White
 Ink Cost Color and White $3.15
RIPPRO v06 Style #11 Color Cotton More White
 Ink Cost Color and White $3.40
RIPPRO v06 Style #12 Color Cotton Balanced White
 Ink Cost Color and White $2.60
Free 2 week
index001010.gif index001009.gif
Quick Start DTG RIPPRO
All Rental Fees
credited 100%
 purchase price
Free support: We can help you install the
demo, rental, or paid version. Set up appointment via
Email: Download this:
It will generate an access number you send to us
Highlight White Add 60% Density
Highlight White Add 50% Density
Highlight White Add 25% Density
Superior white ink control with DTG RIPPRO v06 turns shirts into beautiful art, while reducing white ink costs. The RIP has more controls to adjust and fine tune a white layer, than other RIPs in the industry.
You can even make a TRUE Highlight White layer, a feature not available with Garment Creator or other RIPs. Using a RIP should not require you to tweak all images, our defaults are great.
Easy to use different white styles, implemented automatically when you choose a print setting.
Our white controls are fine tuned and print brighter more saturated color.
See how any of our 3 basic white styles save you white ink costs and improve quality.
You can demo the RIP for free for two weeks and then decide to buy for $269 or rent to own paying only $90 yearly. All rentals fees are credited to the purchase price, after 3 years rental you own it.
Ink cost savings quickly pay for the RIP.
Compare our DTG RIPPRO for the SCF2000 with any other RIP, see the quality difference.
Standard films require between 80% to 100% ink coverage to obtain optimum density. AccuRIP only offers four possible ink settings in this critical density range making it difficult to get the best density, AccuRIP ink levels of 12=80%, 13=82%, 14=90%, and 15=100% Max. These uneven steps allow large gaps in ink adjustment control.
Freedom in setting up your inks. PowerRIP can run all black ink channels or use Epson inks. A PowerRIP feature with Epson's color inks, is creating a better UV light blocking image on film, by adding a slight amount of magenta and yellow colors. And remember with PowerRIP you can always preview an image before you print film..
DTG RIPPRO for Epson SCF2000 costs only $269, saves ink costs, and produces better detail and color, than Garment Creator.
Make your T-shirt DTG printing more productive use PowerRIP. PowerRIP was Epson's choice, when they shipped a RIP with their first inkjet printers. (190,000 installed)
How DTG RIP PRO Controls White Ink
Demo 1400, 1430, L1800